Jetty no. 9 upgrade

Rompetrol Rafinare

29 million USD

Project objective:
Increase the loading capacity in Berth 9, Midia Harbour, from 90k tonnes to 120k tonnes, in order to follow the Refinery target refining capacity of 5 million tonnes/year

  • Two lines multi-product piggable transfer System between refinery and Berth 9 and the related connection pipes, 9,5 km
  • New berth for 10 000 tdw ships
  • New berth for 2 000 tdw tank barges
  • Two new pumping stations for gasoline and diesel, 550 m3/h each
  • Firefighting System with Sea water, covering all three Berths
  • Security Systems with Control Access, CCTV and Detection systems
  • DCS system for the entire application
  • Centre Control Room for operating all three Berths