Pavlodar Refinery Modernization

Pavlodar refinery

337 millons USD

17 millions USD

Project objectives:
  • Increasing processing capacity to 6 million tons/ year of raw materials
  • Increase of the refining yield
  • Improvement of the product quality and the reduction of the environmental impact

General Descriptions:

ROMINSERV provided FEED, DDE, project management services, procurement of equipment for the new units, as well as for the upgrading of the existing ones and construction management.

Rominserv scope of works included new units and revamped ones:
  • PENEX Isomerization unit
  • Naphtha splitter
  • In-line Blending
  • Tank farm
  • Command & Control Center integrating all 22 processing units
  • Utilities (18 units) & off-site facilities for overall POCR upgrade
  • VGO unit revamp including replacement of VGO reactors