Turnarounds and shutdowns

From production perspective, a turnaround is a scheduled event wherein an entire processing unit or plant is closed for long periods for revamp or renewal.

From engineering point of view a turnaround encompasses all types of industrial projects including Inspection & testing, shutdowns, emergency outages, debottlenecking projects, revamps, catalyst regeneration, etc where a processing plant is shut down until the works is completed then restarted thus “turning around” the unit/plant.

From operational point of view a turnaround has both maintenance and project management characteristics thus being volatile and challenging having dynamic scope unfolding as inspection occurs and compressed scheduling that may have little or no opportunity to correct the critical path.

Key guidelines for turnaround execution:

  • Cleary defined procedures to obtain the overall efficiency of the turnaround
  • Responsibilities are assigned in accordance with every person's skill, experience and motivation
  • Time and cost are always critical and require special attention. These two important keys are kept under control through detailed planning and scheduling
  • Professional subcontractor selection
  • Effective collaboration between maintenance, turnaround, inspection, quality, operating, subcontractors and HSE teams

TAR Objectives:
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Benefits when outsourcing TAR to Rominserv:

  • Single point input and responsibility;
  • Execute only needed work in turnaround period
  • High impact in optimization of turnaround time & cost
  • Reduce equipment downtime and reactive maintenance costs
  • Increased periods between turnaround
  • Increased mechanical availability
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Transparent system for maintenance and turnaround management
  • Opportunity to measure, analyze and operate expenditure
  • Transparent system of planning and strategic goal setting
  • Inventory (spare parts) optimization
  • Focus on core business
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